Sync Calendar

There 3 ways to manage your Blinkology calendar.  You can block off time you are not available manually, connect a google calendar or outlook calendar that you already use for your current bookings, or you can use a google calendar to push your current bookings from a different booking system as unavailable for booking. 
Connecting with a current scheduling system:
At this time Blinkology's booking software ( ) only integrates with google calendar or outlook calendar. You will need to use a google calendar to communicate with your current scheduling system. 
1. Click on "custom features" on the left side menu and then click "calendar sync"
3. Click on "Connect new calendar" and connect Google or Outlook account.


Calendar sync- connect calendar.png

4. Select the desired calendar and connect necessary providers to it.
5. Press "export" to export your old bookings to Google or Outlook calendar for sync process to start.
6. Check the box "sync busy time" if you want to block times in the simplybook dashboard occupied by Google/Outlook Calendar events.

You now need to connect your current booking system to your google calendar. Here are some common provider's tutorials: 




If yours isn't listed, please contact your current booking system's support team, or email for assistance. 


Connected providers to calendar.png

7. You will be able to see Google/Outlook calendar events that block time in SimplyBook only in Service Provider view in calendar (because you connect calendar to provider). Nothing will be visible in Day and Week view because those views are for all providers (if you have several providers, it would be impossible to show all Google/Outlook events in 1 calendar).


Blocked time from external calendar event.png

Please note During sync process no events details are imported from your external calendar. The events are represented by blue blocks on Calendar page only.